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Is UFC Losing Its Popularity?

The UFC is not as popular as it used to be a few years ago. There are many reasons for this. However, the question is, have we already seen the best of the UFC? This article tries to answer this question by looking at what is currently happening at the UFC.

The Reebok Deal

The UFC struck a US$70 million deal with Reebok in 2016, which did not go down well with fighters. The agreement prohibits fighters from wearing their own sponsor’s attires during the fight and at any event related to UFC. They are even not allowed to wear them during the fight week. This has made fighters like Schaub to retire as a result of the Reebok deal and low pay.

Payment of Fighters

Even with the Reebok deal, top fighters are making good money at the UFC. However, low profile fighters are not being paid well. For instance, in a particular UFC event, the main event fighters went home with millions of dollars while one of the co-main event fighters walked away with less that one hundred thousand dollars. There are also instances where fighters have made around ten thousand dollars. With taxes and other fight related expenses, some fighters are left with barely enough to pay for their bills.

Too Many Events

The UFC used to have monthly events, and everyone was looking forward to it. However, right now, there are weekly events all over the world with over 500 fighters. This is becoming overwhelming to the UFC fans hence losing its popularity.

Lack of Superstars

The UFC is not attracting top fighters, and the ones they have are about to retire. This is very dangerous as its popularity will also depend on the reputation of its fighters.

For UFC to regain its glory, it needs to find the right sponsor, pays its fighters well, hold fewer quality events, and find ways to attract superstars.

Popular Upcoming UFC Matches

One of the most exciting things about UFC is that there are plenty of bouts happening almost every time of the year. There are interesting UFC matches taking place before the end of 2019 and early 2020. Here are some of the fights you would not want to miss.

Date: Sunday, 8th December 2019

Time: 5:00 pm

Venue: Capital One Arena, Washington D.C., United States.

  • Heavyweight: Alistair Overeem vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik
  • Heavyweight: Stefan Struve vs Ben Rothwell
  • Women Strawweight: Marina Rodriguez vs Cynthia Calvillo
  • Women Bantamweight: Aspen Ladd vs Yana Kunitskaya
  • Bantamweight: Geraldo de Freitas Jr. vs Song Yadong
  • Welterweight: Carlos Condit vs Mickey Gall

Date: Sunday, 15th December 2019

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, United States.

  • Welterweight: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington
  • Featherweight: Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski
  • Women Bantamweight: Amanda Nunes vs Germaine de Randamie
  • Bantamweight: Marlon Moraes vs José Aldo
  • Bantamweight Petr Yan vs Urijah Faber

Date: Saturday, 21 December 2019

13:00 pm

Venue: Sajik Arena, Busan, South Korea

  • Featherweight: Brian Ortega vs Chan Sung Jung
  • Light Heavyweight: Volkan Oezdemir vs Aleksandar Rakić
  • Featherweight: Choi Doo-ho vs Charles Jourdain Covington
  • Light Heavyweight: Jung Da Un vs Mike Rodriguez
  • Middleweight: Park Jun-yong vs Marc-Andre Barriault
  • Bantamweight: Kang Kyung-ho vs Brandon Davis

Date: Sunday, 26 January 2020

Venue: PNC Arena, Raleigh, United States

  • Heavyweight: Junior dos Santos vs Curtis Blaydes
  • Bantamweight: Frankie Edgar vs Cory Sandhagen
  • Bantamweight: Felipe Colares vs Montel Jackson
  • Middleweight: Alen Amedovski vs Bevon Lewis
  • Featherweight: Nate Landwehr vs Herbert Burns
  • Women Flyweight: Lucie Pudilová vs Justine Kish
  • Heavyweight: Darko Stošić vs Jamahal Hill
  • Flyweight: Alex Perez vs Jordan Espinosa

Now you have a calendar of the UFC matches that are taking place before the year ends and early next year. These are very exciting fights that you do not want to miss. Check them out.

How UFC Fight Winners are Determined

Like any other sport, there are several ways a mixed martial bout may end. These range from judges’ decisions to fighters’ fouls, submissions and knockouts. This article gives details of how the UFC fight is determined.


This occurs when a fighter taps his opponent or the mat or submits verbally. The referee may also end the bought if the fighter communicates being in pain. Other technical submissions, such as unconsciousness or severe injury, can lead to a fight termination.


This happens when a fighter is knocked out and is unable to continue fighting or becomes unconscious as a result of a legal strike. In this case, the fighter outrightly loses the bout.

Technical Knockout

This happens when a fighter cannot fight due to the referee stoppage or doctor stoppage if a fighter cannot successfully defend himself or is injured. A technical knockout can also occur as a result of the corner stoppage which happens when a cornerman gestures defeat of his fighter.

Decision of Judges

There are many ways judges can determine the winner of a bout based on scoring. These include unanimous, majority, split, and technical decisions and draws. For unanimous decisions and draws, all judges agree. However, for the other decisions, there are remedies provided for by the UFC to determine the winner.


This happens when a fighter makes an illegal move intentionally, which can cause injury to the opponent and can affect the opponent’s performance to his advantage.


Fighters forfeit fights if they prematurely end the fight or fails to contest.

No Contest

No contest happens when a fighter cannot compete due to unintentional illegal move, and the bout rounds are not enough for judges to make the decision.

This article has given you seven ways UFC bouts may end. The decision can be made by the referee, a doctor, the judges, or even the fighter himself.

Four Little-Known UFC Rules

When UFC was founded, there were very few rules that regulated the fights. Thanks to pressure from interested parties and stakeholders, the UFC now has many rules and regulations which make the fights fan-friendly.

There are obvious rules that apply during UFC bouts. However, some rules are not known by many fans. Some of them are listed below;

Small Joint Manipulation

This means trying to break your opponent’s fingers or toes. This technique is prohibited in the UFC, and it attracts disqualification. Most people are not aware of this rule because it rarely happens during fights. Unlike other fouls that occur accidentally, it not easy to grab and twist the opponent’s finger(s)/toe(s) accidentally.

Abusive Language

Trash talk is a technique that has been used by fighters for years to intimidate their opponents. Fans enjoy when fighters build grudge and lousy blood, and this means more money for fighters and promoters. However, hatred never goes beyond the Octagon. Surprisingly, the use of abusing language is prohibited. Nevertheless, UFC rarely enforces this rule, and many fighters end up getting away with it.


One UFC rule that many fans might not be aware of is that timidity is outlawed. This is because bouts should be entertaining and should attract fans, and no one would enjoy watching a dull fight. However, timidity behaviors such as avoiding contact and dropping mouthguard intentionally during the fights are not common.

Throwing Opponent Out of the Octagon

You might have seen fighters throwing their opponents out of the ring during wrestling but not in the UFC. It is illegal for fighters to throw their opponents over the Octagon fence. Even attempting to do so is prohibited.

Were you aware of these four strange UFC rules? If you were not, you have learned something new about UFC today.

A Guide to Placing a Winning UFC Bet

If you want to make extra bucks on fighting sports, you should consider UFC betting. UFC bouts have become attractive to bettors because they are great and predictable. However, if you are new to combat sports betting, there are a few things you need to know before wagering on UFC fights. This guide gives you four tips on how to place a winning UFC bet.

Choose a Bookmaker

There are many bookies you can use to place your UFC bets. Choose the one with good odds and great welcome bonuses. Also, consider bookies with special offers and promotions. This will help you manage your bankroll from the start.

Do Research

Knowledge is essential when making betting decisions. Make sure you know the UFC rules and regulations. Also, do some research on the fighters and their attack and defense styles. It would be helpful to also look at the historical records between themselves and any other recent fights they have been involved in. This will give an idea of each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to make your decision wisely.

Analyze the Odds

Pay attention to the odds of the fight and try to determine why bookies have given such odds. For live betting, observe how odds are changing as the bout continues. Based on this, you can predict who is likely to win between the two fighters.

Predict the Outcome

Try to compare the odds given by bookmakers and your own research and see if there is any consistency. Make your decision on where to put your money based on this. If there is inconsistency, follow your instinct.

This article has given you some of the strategies you can use when you want to place a winning UFC bet. So, next time you are placing a UFC mixed martial arts bet, make sure you try these steps.

Three Main UFC Rules

The UFC is regulated by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, which are also used in several other promotions across the world. These rules have become the mixed martial arts standard rules in many countries in the world with little or no variation. They include the following;

The Rounds

The UFC bouts vary in the length of the match, depending on the type of the fight. For the championship titles, the number of rounds cannot exceed five. For non-title bouts, the number of rounds is capped at three. For both titles, each round should be five minutes with a minute between the rounds to rest.

The Cage

The UFC fights happen in an eight-sided cage called an Octagon. Initially, this cage was trademarked, but when Zuffa, LLC acquired UFC in 2001, it allowed other promotions to use such cages. The octagonal cage is 30 ft in diameter and 6 ft high fence. The enclosure is raised 4 ft from the ground. It also has two gates facing each other which are used for entry and exit. UFC can use smaller cages for small events and venues. The mat of the cage is painted with logos of sponsors, and this is changed every time there is a new sponsor.

The Attire

Fighters wear approved shorts and they are not allowed to wear shoes. Only female fighters are permitted to wear tops. As a safety measure, competitors must wear mouthguards, padded gloves, and protective cups. To ensure fighters comply with these attire requirements, an official from the State Athletic Committee checks them before they enter the cage. These attires have sponsor logos during the match and the media appearances before the bouts.

This article has given you details of the three main UFC rules regarding the fight rounds, the cage, and the type of the attire fighters should wear. There are other rules that regulate other aspects of a UFC match.

History of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

In UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), competitors combine several fighting techniques including boxing, judo, and wrestling, among other mixed martial arts.

A typical UFC fight has five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes. However, bouts without titles on the line last for three rounds. There’s a minute between each round for fighters to rest and get tips from their coaches.

Brief UFC History

Rorion Gracie and Art Davie started UFC in 1993. The original idea was to involve all fighting disciplines to establish who was indeed the ultimate fighter. The UFC fights didn’t have many rules.

Head butts, low blows, and hair-pulling were even allowed in the bouts; hence, the fights were very bloody and brutal. However, the UFC fights remained popular.

Due to the lack of rules in their fights, UFC started facing pressure from media and politicians because they thought the battles were ruthless. Some big media companies pulled out, and they didn’t want to carry UFC shows anymore. Also, some distributors started refusing to sell the events’ videotapes.

To stay alive, the UFC had to introduce rules and regulations. Gloves and weight divisions were added. On the other hand, head butts and groin shots were removed. A few other changes were made, which made UFC more friendly.

In 2001, the UFC was purchased by Zuffa, LLC. This was a new birth of UFC since its marketing was more productive, and it started attracting starfighters. Also, UFC events started being graced by celebrities. Within a few years of this new start, the UFC popularity increased a lot, and it has maintained it up to date.

This article has given you an overview and a brief history of the UFC. Now you know the journey it has taken to be where it is now; from a ruthless streetfight to a professional fighting competition.

Six Greatest UFC Fighters of All Time

People always disagree when it comes to making decisions on who deserves to be crowned the best in any sport. The list of the UFC greatest fighters of all the time is not different.

However, there is a criterion that is used when deciding on who should be regarded as the king of mixed martial arts. The first thing to consider is whether the fighter excelled and dominated the fights during his peak years. The length of the time they fought and other intangibles are also considered.

Based on this criterion, this article presents six top UFC fighters of all the time.

Anderson Silva

He is one of the best UFC fighters to ever step in the Octagon. Silva consistently made professional mixed martial art look easy. Although he still steps in the Octagon, he has already taken the top spot, and his career will continue to be celebrated until it is over.

Georges St-Pierre

Georges is an example of a perfect mixture of work ethic and athleticism. He is known for revealing the weak points of his opponents for almost a decade. Georges once won 33 successive rounds.

Jon Jones

At only 26 years, Jones has already beaten five former UFC champions. He is already the best light heavyweight of all the time, and with his skills, he is likely to transition to heavyweight very well.

Matt Hughes

Hughes is one of the UFC’s most dominant champions. With seven defenses, he has already won a welterweight champion twice.

Chuck Liddell

Having recorded seven successive knockouts in less than three years, Lindell confirmed his legacy. He accumulated a remarkable highpoint reel in the Octagon.

B.J. Penn

Penn is recognized as the greatest lightweight in history. Due to his talent, he won UFC titles in different classes of weight.

This article has given you a list of six greatest UFC fighters of all the time based on the criterion given. Do you agree with our list?