Four Little-Known UFC Rules

When UFC was founded, there were very few rules that regulated the fights. Thanks to pressure from interested parties and stakeholders, the UFC now has many rules and regulations which make the fights fan-friendly.

There are obvious rules that apply during UFC bouts. However, some rules are not known by many fans. Some of them are listed below;

Small Joint Manipulation

This means trying to break your opponent’s fingers or toes. This technique is prohibited in the UFC, and it attracts disqualification. Most people are not aware of this rule because it rarely happens during fights. Unlike other fouls that occur accidentally, it not easy to grab and twist the opponent’s finger(s)/toe(s) accidentally.

Abusive Language

Trash talk is a technique that has been used by fighters for years to intimidate their opponents. Fans enjoy when fighters build grudge and lousy blood, and this means more money for fighters and promoters. However, hatred never goes beyond the Octagon. Surprisingly, the use of abusing language is prohibited. Nevertheless, UFC rarely enforces this rule, and many fighters end up getting away with it.


One UFC rule that many fans might not be aware of is that timidity is outlawed. This is because bouts should be entertaining and should attract fans, and no one would enjoy watching a dull fight. However, timidity behaviors such as avoiding contact and dropping mouthguard intentionally during the fights are not common.

Throwing Opponent Out of the Octagon

You might have seen fighters throwing their opponents out of the ring during wrestling but not in the UFC. It is illegal for fighters to throw their opponents over the Octagon fence. Even attempting to do so is prohibited.

Were you aware of these four strange UFC rules? If you were not, you have learned something new about UFC today.