History of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

In UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), competitors combine several fighting techniques including boxing, judo, and wrestling, among other mixed martial arts.

A typical UFC fight has five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes. However, bouts without titles on the line last for three rounds. There’s a minute between each round for fighters to rest and get tips from their coaches.

Brief UFC History

Rorion Gracie and Art Davie started UFC in 1993. The original idea was to involve all fighting disciplines to establish who was indeed the ultimate fighter. The UFC fights didn’t have many rules.

Head butts, low blows, and hair-pulling were even allowed in the bouts; hence, the fights were very bloody and brutal. However, the UFC fights remained popular.

Due to the lack of rules in their fights, UFC started facing pressure from media and politicians because they thought the battles were ruthless. Some big media companies pulled out, and they didn’t want to carry UFC shows anymore. Also, some distributors started refusing to sell the events’ videotapes.

To stay alive, the UFC had to introduce rules and regulations. Gloves and weight divisions were added. On the other hand, head butts and groin shots were removed. A few other changes were made, which made UFC more friendly.

In 2001, the UFC was purchased by Zuffa, LLC. This was a new birth of UFC since its marketing was more productive, and it started attracting starfighters. Also, UFC events started being graced by celebrities. Within a few years of this new start, the UFC popularity increased a lot, and it has maintained it up to date.

This article has given you an overview and a brief history of the UFC. Now you know the journey it has taken to be where it is now; from a ruthless streetfight to a professional fighting competition.