How UFC Fight Winners are Determined

Like any other sport, there are several ways a mixed martial bout may end. These range from judges’ decisions to fighters’ fouls, submissions and knockouts. This article gives details of how the UFC fight is determined.


This occurs when a fighter taps his opponent or the mat or submits verbally. The referee may also end the bought if the fighter communicates being in pain. Other technical submissions, such as unconsciousness or severe injury, can lead to a fight termination.


This happens when a fighter is knocked out and is unable to continue fighting or becomes unconscious as a result of a legal strike. In this case, the fighter outrightly loses the bout.

Technical Knockout

This happens when a fighter cannot fight due to the referee stoppage or doctor stoppage if a fighter cannot successfully defend himself or is injured. A technical knockout can also occur as a result of the corner stoppage which happens when a cornerman gestures defeat of his fighter.

Decision of Judges

There are many ways judges can determine the winner of a bout based on scoring. These include unanimous, majority, split, and technical decisions and draws. For unanimous decisions and draws, all judges agree. However, for the other decisions, there are remedies provided for by the UFC to determine the winner.


This happens when a fighter makes an illegal move intentionally, which can cause injury to the opponent and can affect the opponent’s performance to his advantage.


Fighters forfeit fights if they prematurely end the fight or fails to contest.

No Contest

No contest happens when a fighter cannot compete due to unintentional illegal move, and the bout rounds are not enough for judges to make the decision.

This article has given you seven ways UFC bouts may end. The decision can be made by the referee, a doctor, the judges, or even the fighter himself.