Is UFC Losing Its Popularity?

The UFC is not as popular as it used to be a few years ago. There are many reasons for this. However, the question is, have we already seen the best of the UFC? This article tries to answer this question by looking at what is currently happening at the UFC.

The Reebok Deal

The UFC struck a US$70 million deal with Reebok in 2016, which did not go down well with fighters. The agreement prohibits fighters from wearing their own sponsor’s attires during the fight and at any event related to UFC. They are even not allowed to wear them during the fight week. This has made fighters like Schaub to retire as a result of the Reebok deal and low pay.

Payment of Fighters

Even with the Reebok deal, top fighters are making good money at the UFC. However, low profile fighters are not being paid well. For instance, in a particular UFC event, the main event fighters went home with millions of dollars while one of the co-main event fighters walked away with less that one hundred thousand dollars. There are also instances where fighters have made around ten thousand dollars. With taxes and other fight related expenses, some fighters are left with barely enough to pay for their bills.

Too Many Events

The UFC used to have monthly events, and everyone was looking forward to it. However, right now, there are weekly events all over the world with over 500 fighters. This is becoming overwhelming to the UFC fans hence losing its popularity.

Lack of Superstars

The UFC is not attracting top fighters, and the ones they have are about to retire. This is very dangerous as its popularity will also depend on the reputation of its fighters.

For UFC to regain its glory, it needs to find the right sponsor, pays its fighters well, hold fewer quality events, and find ways to attract superstars.