Three Main UFC Rules

The UFC is regulated by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, which are also used in several other promotions across the world. These rules have become the mixed martial arts standard rules in many countries in the world with little or no variation. They include the following;

The Rounds

The UFC bouts vary in the length of the match, depending on the type of the fight. For the championship titles, the number of rounds cannot exceed five. For non-title bouts, the number of rounds is capped at three. For both titles, each round should be five minutes with a minute between the rounds to rest.

The Cage

The UFC fights happen in an eight-sided cage called an Octagon. Initially, this cage was trademarked, but when Zuffa, LLC acquired UFC in 2001, it allowed other promotions to use such cages. The octagonal cage is 30 ft in diameter and 6 ft high fence. The enclosure is raised 4 ft from the ground. It also has two gates facing each other which are used for entry and exit. UFC can use smaller cages for small events and venues. The mat of the cage is painted with logos of sponsors, and this is changed every time there is a new sponsor.

The Attire

Fighters wear approved shorts and they are not allowed to wear shoes. Only female fighters are permitted to wear tops. As a safety measure, competitors must wear mouthguards, padded gloves, and protective cups. To ensure fighters comply with these attire requirements, an official from the State Athletic Committee checks them before they enter the cage. These attires have sponsor logos during the match and the media appearances before the bouts.

This article has given you details of the three main UFC rules regarding the fight rounds, the cage, and the type of the attire fighters should wear. There are other rules that regulate other aspects of a UFC match.