Will Conor fight with Justin Gaethje “Crazy Warrior” this summer?

Will Conor fight with Justin Gaethje “Crazy Warrior” this summer?

If this is true, Conor fans will be very happy with the idol’s continuous broadcast frequency in the first half of 2020.
After defeating Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, Conor McGregor is in “waiting” state to face the winner of Khabib vs. Vs. Tony Ferguson next April, according to confirmation from UFC president Dana White.
However, this morning 25 of February, reporter Ariel Helwani from ESPN said the discussions between Conor McGregor and “Crazy Warrior” Justin Gaethje – the boxer behind Conor on Lightweight Chart are starting to start. Although there has been no confirmation from UFC, this information is getting attention from the Conor fan community.

Having repeatedly attacked Conor McGregor recently, Justin Gaethje proved quite annoyed when Conor was given priority to compete despite no light victory. Meanwhile, the former WSOF champion has had 3 consecutive TKO wins to reach the Top 5 of the strongest boxers.

On the contrary, Conor has not denied the possibility of a battle with Justin Gaethje, even Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh, wants to study the game with “The Highlight” at Welterweight.

“Justin Gaethje is in the 77kg (Welterweight) category. It was my personal recommendation, because he was a fighter in Lightweight. None of them want to lose weight, I’ll be cautious, but I think this can help regain the 70kg (Lightweight) belt. ” – John Kavanagh said.

If he can really fight and defeat Justin Gaethje, Conor McGregor will dismiss all doubts and objections from the audience that he is favored by the UFC. But at the moment, all this information is just a rumor and has not been verified by either side.

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