You probably didn’t know: Dana White used to hate EA game company

With the EA game industry giant and the world leading tournament UFC having a very good partnership, it’s hard to believe that the president of this tournament once hated EA.

The feud between EA and Dana White began in 2007, a time when UFC in particular and MMA in general were gradually responded by the public. Because EA Sports division of EA game company has released many high quality sports simulation games (Madden NFL, FIFA, NASCAR, Tiger Woods PGA and the famous Boxing series Fight Night), Dana White has been want to have an agreement to make a UFC own video game. However, EA refused.

With EA rejecting the invitation to cooperate from Dana White, THQ company (famous for the WWF and WWE Smackdown vs Raw series) actively requested cooperation. In 2009, THQ game company launched the UFC Undisputed 2009 game. The game was so successful that it earned the title of “Best Personal Sports Game of 2009” at the Spike Video Game Awards.

With the professional success and revenue of UFC Undisputed 2009, EA Sports decided to “turn over” and started developing a game called EA Sports MMA. Because of rejecting UFC in 2007, EA Sports MMA can only use Strikeforce fighters and other tournaments. Upon learning of this, Dana White announced that all boxers who signed with EA Sports MMA would never be allowed to compete at UFC.

However, in 2012, Dana White and EA made up because at the world’s largest video game event, E3, EA announced that they would cooperate with UFC to make a new game series about this tournament. The reason for this unexpected cooperation is because the THQ company went bankrupt and EA realized the huge bargains that can be earned thanks to UFC fans in particular and MMA in general.

After all, the cooperation of EA and Dana White is a very beneficial thing for UFC because EA Sports UFC series has brought a lot of new fans to the MMA sport and this tournament.

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